As a person who is so much in love with Vienna as I am, I thought that I never take the camera with me. I always try to feel the city as much as possible without being on the other side of the lens. I know it is a strange notion for the photographer, but I feel that I need to breathe in touch, taste this city as much authentically as I can.

The City

And the city has always been very good to me. The experiences I find here are always magical. People I meet – inspiring.

Few hours spent in museums were exalting. I always get mesmerized by the art of modernism geniuses. I was never a museum person, but somehow here I always get the feeling that everything connects into one peace. All the history classes I hade make sense; all the books I read and movies I saw come to one big picture. Not to mention a bunch of ideas that I hardly manage to put down 🙂

Then of course parties. Again I am not a very big party person, but when you find yourself dancing in the middle of a palace the feeling is very unique.

Not even talking about parks, walks, drinks, late night metro rides…

And people. People…

I am so lucky because Vienna always introduces me to the very best. Sometimes I fall in love. Sometimes I get inspired. Sometimes I earn 😀 Sometimes I learn a lot. And it always happens at the very best way possible.

This time I want to send my love to the very best ladies. These women, their strength, and determination is the inspiration in my future projects. Love forever in my heart.

And let me get even more personal and tell another story. Five years ago I met this person in Sri Lanka. We had an amazing few days together. But not because of the place, beach, waves, best see food or romantic scooter rides 😀 that of course added magic 🙂 But mostly because of the kindness and tenderness that this person embodies. However, holidays pass and you rarely see again these people you’ve met. And even if you do, the moment has passed, it rarely feels the same. But not this time. Seeing and spending time with him in Vienna felt exactly the same. As if the beach and waves happened yesterday. The same kindness and care. And much more than I am able to fit into words. The best feeling ever! Greg, thank you for being such a good friend!

And thank you Vienna for being so wonderful again.


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