Jul 8 2019

Things they don’t tell you about being the photographer

I have written this text some time ago. But my feelings about the subject didn’t change that much since then…If you are accidentally in the need of a photographer and the price they gave you seems a bit too much, please read this first. Only then ask for the better price if you still consider…
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Jul 1 2019


“Hey you.” I said to the young bracken leaves passing by the slope full of them.  “You were supposed to be blooming.” continued talking to a plant. And yes, I know that bracken does not bloom or have any kind of flowers for that matter. In the Baltics, we have this ancient pagan tradition to…
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by Aiste Ri

Apr 5 2019

Venice – the importance of being a traveler instead of a tourist

“It’s interesting that through those long years of traveling I have never visited Venice”, – I thought to myself while looking at the map. Venice was just four hours away from the place I lived now. I usually avoid very touristy places but Venice is kind of classics and early spring is not as very…
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Mar 8 2019


Since today is dedicated to all the women of the world, let’s talk about femininity. The subject I have been struggling with for a while. Maybe that sounds a bit weird for a woman of my age. I have been a woman for my entire life, right? But you have to know few facts about…
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Feb 24 2019

First Winter Season in the Alps

I guess it’s time. The thermometer was showing +10 for the entire last week. I have a legit google tan on my face. And the fresh snow is nowhere to be found. However, I’m not saying that it’s spring already – don’t want to jinx anything. But I think that it’s time to share what…
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Feb 6 2019

Are You Going Surfing Tomorrow?

It was already a sunset time. Golden Gate Bridge looked even more red than usual in the sun-colored ski. I could see all that incredible view from the window of my hostel bar. I couldn’t imagine a better choice for my travel to San Francisco. Staff and most of the travelers were friendly, others minded…
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