Are You Going Surfing Tomorrow?

It was already a sunset time. Golden Gate Bridge looked even more red than usual in the sun-colored ski. I could see all that incredible view from the window of my hostel bar. I couldn’t imagine a better choice for my travel to San Francisco. Staff and most of the travelers were friendly, others minded their own business. Zero creepiness 🙂 The location…well…what more can you ask other than to see Golden Gate covered in sunset red through your window while you are drinking your evening beer? Moreover, the cute barman who was working that night, surfed, so I had a likeminded person to exchange some stories in between chapters of my book.

Then a little old lady walked into the bar. She used one of those four wheel support trolleys to help her walk. This hostel was full of elderly people, who still travel and explore – I guess one of the best ways to know that you are in the right place. This little lady came with the promise of a good travel story.

The instant she walked in the bar, she ordered a full glass of wine and flirted with the surfer barman, then laughed and admitted that 72 is a little bit too much to be flirting with boys. I secretly smiled to the pages of my book. Carmen (that was old ladies name) sat next to me and we exchanged few courtesy phrases. She liked telling about herself and liked to listen – the perfect combination for a good travel story.

She was a nurse. Had been married 5 times and the last boyfriend, who was 20 years younger than her, died from the heart attack. She traveled a lot to India and loved it there. Especially full body massages for $7. Carmen has lived in San Francisco for a long time and knew a lot of good local restaurants. One of them even had a menu named after her. I wrote down at least a few options. However, this time she came to the city for a mammogram. I could see that she was worried about the results but she just laughed.

-If it is cancer, I’ll just book a flight to India and I will stay there. I see no point for treatment at my age, – she told me. But her two suns apparently had a different opinion. They had forbidden her to travel and pushed to take a mental evaluation test. Carmen was furious about that! I kind of understood her.

Even though sad, I found Carmens story to be very inspiring. Lady in her seventies. Still full of fire in her heart and desire for the adventure. Laughing out laud and making other people smile. I could just hope be a little bit like her when I grow old.

We finished our drinks and started to our rooms when I heard my name

-Aiste would you like to go surfing tomorrow? – that cute barman asked me.

Hello, another adventure! This is why I love traveling so much. Every single conversation, smile, gaze exchange leads to some new knowledge, experience, and authentic memories. Of course, I said yes. But I will leave this story for later.

However, I need to mention that this journey would have never happened if not for #WiGotrips. The app is now available for everyone. That means adventures are available for everyone! 😉

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