Who do you trust when you travel? Who do you trust in general? Is there such a thing as complete trust?

I have known girls who trusted their boyfriends. Did everything for them, moved to other countries, put up with their families, put up with their temperaments…Turned out the guy was sex texting with other girls.
I have known people who seemed trustworthy. Intelligent, kind, caring…But when you went with them on a trip, everything fell apart very quickly. A kind person turned out to be a monster.
There were people I considered to be my family but taken out of the comfort zone, they turned out to be the cold as icicles, greedy and traitorous.

So is there no one to trust?

It seems that being on the road turns a lot of people into the worst versions of themselves.

I also have known moments when completely strange people came to help and did much more than one could expect – their time, their finances and their knowledge.
I also know people who flew across the world just to be there in my darkest moments.
I have traveled with people I barely know and had the best time of my life.
I also know people who lift you up only by their calm presence.
Trust is a hard concept to comprehend. It sometimes comes unexpectedly but can leave as fast as lightning. Leaving us bitter and bleeding. However, trust is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Nothing can compare to that light feeling of joy. Even if just for a short moment. It seems that you are floating in the air. Becoming weary and untrusting would mean losing that beauty. Like closing your heart to the possibility of love. Like choosing never to be happy.

I vote for trust 🙂

Try. Fail. Hurt. Do it again. Fail again. Hurt. Despair. Decide to trust again. Witness the miracle 😉

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