Through the space and time

I am a pretty logical person. I have never believed in traveling in time or as a matter of fact, through space. I was never was good at physics, but took few online courses about space and time, and stars in Harvard University and learned that humanity still has a lot to discover to be able to do that. However, travel changed my mind. I do not believe in the space and time in general anymore.

Everything is one flight away

Everything is one flight away, so what is space in general? At least in planet Earth 🙂 There is a job tomorrow in Spain? No problem, I’m gonna be there. The best friend across the world is celebrating a wedding? It is just one flight and a few hours away. I’ll be there. People and things we do matter, not the distance between us. Long distance relationship? To say the truth, I don’t understand this concept at all. Why would distance matter if you trust and love a person? Of course, you want to be together but missing each other is also a very beautiful thing. To my mind necessary for every relationship. So I ask again what is some distance between people if they love and trust each other?
With the opportunities we have today, the world has become very tiny space. With every single travel I take, I try to convince people this. The only limit is in our brain.

Only now

People believe in time. But the only thing we have is now. So there is only one time 🙂 life passes by in a blink and suddenly you understand that you never had time. However, it is too late. The dreams have stayed pushed away while you worked all your life. Friends became distant because you never had time for them…your time has run out. And for each and every one of us, it will happen sooner or later. But now we live. So make the best out of this moment. Don’t wait for Monday or holidays or next year…
So in my mind, there is no time and space. It is only now and only here. And now and here can be anywhere – you chose!

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