The Touch of Magic – Diversity

The world is full of magical diversity.


Once in the Maxican desert I have met a blond dude. He was a professional snowboarder once. Competed in the biggest competitions. Traveled around the world. Partied with friends a lot. But once his accident happened and he no longer could continue this life, all his friends and family were gone. He was left with a small van instead of a big house. I have met him in the wave spot waiting for the wind and waves to pick up. He was happy. He still had the most infectious laugh and the best collection of stories.


Once I have met a Rastaman in Sri Lanka. He came up to me in the bus station and completely bewitched me. He was the best host I have ever had. Liked to bring coffee for his guests to the beach right after they came out of the water after the morning surf sessions. He was the best cook. His see food BBQs under the starry sky were amazing. He knew people. Felt their deepest emotions that they were not aware of themselves. And used his knowledge to enrich people who were around him.

Rich businessman

Once I have met a rich businessman in the Caribbean. He welcomed me in his x million dollar yacht with the white robe and a glass of gin tonic. The most beautiful people were around him. Most beautiful women danced around him. But he did not seem happy. He told me about how much it costs to fill in the tank of his yacht and all the houses he had back in Miami. I saw great envy in his eyes when he watched “less fortunate” poor people enjoying the abundance of his yacht to the fullest.


Once I have met a firefighter in San Francisco. He showed me around the city. I fell in love with the spirit of that place. And firefighter had his hand in it since he was one of the most caring and friendly people I have ever met. He showed me the fire station. Told me stories about skill sets acquired, experiences and saved lives. He had all the purpose in the world. But at the end of my stay, he told me that all he wants to do in his life is surf and kite.


Once I have met a Massai warrior in the beach of Zanzibar. he was selling jewellery to earn money and buy cows for his village. He was an honest young man and we went with him to visit his home village. After a 40 hour trip with boats, taxis and local African buses we ended up in a small village without water and electricity. They had cows and goats. They had the fire. They had stories, songs, and dances and they had all the freedom to enjoy their life.

The Touch of Magic Diversity

Once I have met thousands of other people. They all were unique and all had a wonderful story attached to our meetings. Everyday people touch you and you touch other people. You can never know where a certain encounter will lead you. And where it will lead the person you’ve just met. You might be the most wonderful person in some other life. It is the most wonderful thing – slight touch to that magic of the unique diversity. The only thing you have to do to experience it is to let go of your own beliefs and judgments. Travel, get lost, wonder, observe and enjoy.
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