Goat skull collection

The best way to tell stories for me is photography. One look at the picture and hundred more visually related stories pop into the mind. Then magic happens in the brain and the adventure of traveling back in time starts. Sometimes only by looking at the picture, we can remember smells and sounds of what happened in the past.

Though 5 years have passed, I can still remember those few days and nights in the secret surf spot in Sri Lanka. They were magical. And you know why? Because all of us acted like little children. Surfed whenever we wanted, ate whatever we found in the ocean, went napping or played games if we liked to. Someone would always join, and we would have at least few laughs that would make bellies hurt… such a bliss.

The idea of a bliss brings me even further back in time. I remember a game we used to play with friends back when we were kids. I used to climb a tree. Find a comfortable branch and imagine that I was a pilot or an astronaut. I used to imagine all the aircraft controls, all the buttons, invent functions and have two or more friends join your imaginary cockpit to help you to complete a mission… I feel the rush of happiness even by remembering it!

These two in the picture! Champions of the happy childhood. They proudly brought me to their safe place full of goat skulls. I would have given anything for the safe place like that in my childhood! Even now I felt a bit jealous of them…I wish everyone growing up now would be able to pull away from their PSs’ and PCs’ and work on their own goat scull collection or imaginary aircraft cockpit for a change. Even the grownups. Especially very serious grownups.

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