Here and now by Aiste Ri

Sep 24 2018

Living in the Alps

Yesterday was the last day of summer here on my mountain. And though in the Zillertal valley few upcoming days might still feel warm, up the mountain I already want gloves and furs. The forecast promises a bit of snow as well. But yesterday was still warm and sunny. This is what living in the…
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Sep 18 2018

Figure skating

It was not my usual assignment. Shot dance on the ice in the indoor arena…hm…challenge 🙂 However, now, when the assignment is done, I look through the pictures and see that I liked it a lot. Here’s for new challenges!
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BASE jumping by Aiste Ri

Aug 7 2018

BASE jumping adventure

I have been participating in that kind of adventures before. Only a few weeks before, my friend Marius jumped from the bridge. These adventures usually take me to the places and put me into the situations that I have never experienced before. And I enjoy this feeling a lot. Well, not a lot – that’s too…
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Skydive mission by Aiste Ri

Jul 19 2018


Skydiving mission on Wednesday? – when Marius says that, it is always worth your attention. When do we leave?, – I ask. I do not need to know anything more 🙂 We need to leave 4.15 in the morning. But there is one thing… Aha. I’m listening, – I already have a feeling how this…
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Jul 12 2018

At home spot

Found some pictures I have made a few weeks ago while I was still back home. Next to the Baltic sea. After so many beaches I have seen, so many places I have been, it is still one of the most amazing places. If I am a long time away from the Baltic sea, I…
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Jun 18 2018

Another first time – air balloon

Once I have counted, I have tried more than 25 extreme activities, such as aerobatic flight, skydiving, car racing, motocross, of course, kiting, surfing and many others. I am grateful that I had these opportunities. I am grateful because these experiences played the major part in who I am today. I am grateful because I…
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