Another first time – air balloon

Once I have counted, I have tried more than 25 extreme activities, such as aerobatic flight, skydiving, car racing, motocross, of course, kiting, surfing and many others. I am grateful that I had these opportunities. I am grateful because these experiences played the major part in who I am today. I am grateful because I had my camera in most of these adventures. And I am most grateful that these opportunities never end. A few weeks ago I had another first time for a very interesting and, of course, pretty extreme activity – air balloon flight.

I wouldn’t call the flight itself to be a very extreme experience. It actually was very quiet, calming and amazingly beautiful morning spent high up in the air. However, we still managed to find the way how to make this stunning flight an extreme experience. My crazy amazing friends decided to skydive from the balloon.

I always admire people who have the courage to attempt flying. But when guys jumped from that fragile flying object where even floor is not made from hard material, I was really glad I am staying inside. That moment when they climb over the edge of the basket and then after the command of balloon “captain” just let go…

The wife of one of the skydivers stayed with me in the basket. It was actually very interesting to watch the mixture of fear and pride in her eyes. These emotions and experiences are the most real and priceless treasure in a photographers job. I couldn’t be happier to have this in my life.

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