Fear management

Base jump by Aiste Ri

Aug 17 2018

If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down

Lately, I found myself falling in love with the people who are attempting flight. Skydiving, base jumping, wingsuits, and parachutes. When I first saw a video of a man in a wingsuit flying over the mountains and almost touching the tree peaks, I instantly understood that this is the closest people will get to flying. That…
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BASE jumping by Aiste Ri

Aug 7 2018

BASE jumping adventure

I have been participating in that kind of adventures before. Only a few weeks before, my friend Marius jumped from the bridge. These adventures usually take me to the places and put me into the situations that I have never experienced before. And I enjoy this feeling a lot. Well, not a lot – that’s too…
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First time climbing

Jul 30 2018

Step by Step

I have done climbing before. Honestly, I did. I had to know what it feels like. Though I was always afraid of heights but I always try to laugh at my own fears. So, I would go climbing. But only as much as it was needed to do a job. Indoor climbing was always like…
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Jun 18 2018

Another first time – air balloon

Once I have counted, I have tried more than 25 extreme activities, such as aerobatic flight, skydiving, car racing, motocross, of course, kiting, surfing and many others. I am grateful that I had these opportunities. I am grateful because these experiences played the major part in who I am today. I am grateful because I…
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Jun 13 2018

Skydive weekend

I consider skydiving to be one of the most extreme sports ever. I mean, people get to fly doing this sport. How awesome is that?
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Apr 23 2018

What is Your Fear Windowsill

All of us have heard once or twice that we should live in this moment. But does anyone know what it actually means? It should be painful. Think of it-it’s against human brain nature. Human brain nature is to plan, hope and get lost in the past. Lose that and one loses a part of himself.
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