What is Your Fear Windowsill

All of us have heard once or twice that we should live in this moment. But does anyone know what it actually means? It should be painful. Think of it-it’s against human brain nature. Human brain nature is to plan, hope and get lost in the past. Lose that and one loses a part of himself.

Back in 2013 when I was in Africa, electricity used to go down at nights. While right now it might seem that there’s no real problem to lose electricity at night. Everyone is sleeping anyway. Well, if you think like this-you haven’t been to Africa. It’s that heat. That choking, suffocating and mind-clouding heat. Once you lose electricity, you lose your only weapon against it-the fan is not working anymore. On these nights that hectic heat would crawl into the room. I would wake up drowning in the hot sweat. I would wake up gasping. Lungs full of heated humid air, which seemed to be crawling up my brain with the single goal-drive me mad. I would get up, walk up to windowsill in the other room and curl up there. I have spent quite a few nights curled up on that tiny windowsill. I would hungrily draw every tiniest gulp of fresh air. To cool my brain down. To catch at least few moments of that blissful slumber.

Quite often people are suffocating in their everyday lives without knowing why. At least I do.

At that point look for your windowsill. Everyone has their own. Mine is an adventure. When I tell about my adventures to people they say: “wow, I could not do that”. Yes, getting yourself into adventure might be terrifying. Up till that point, when you befriend your own fear, it will become a very good friend of yours and it has only one goal: to protect you. Befriending fear is like a trip to oneself. An opportunity to know oneself better. Even if you don’t like yourself at that moment. Even if you seem strange or sometimes even ugly, you become even more yourself. It’s like that windowsill on which one can breathe more freely. Catch up some ocean smell and hear a silent wave murmur.

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