If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down

Lately, I found myself falling in love with the people who are attempting flight. Skydiving, base jumping, wingsuits, and parachutes. When I first saw a video of a man in a wingsuit flying over the mountains and almost touching the tree peaks, I instantly understood that this is the closest people will get to flying. That is the sports that push all the limits, forgives no mistakes but yet is the most mesmerizing thing one can do.

Little did I know back then that after a few years I will get a chance to get to see the everyday life of these people.

Well, I always knew that these people are crazy. But aren’t we all? I know I am 🙂 However, hiking for an hour three times a day, starting at 5 o’clock in the morning to jump from the cliff, is a special kind of crazy. Amazing kind of crazy.

I have met people from different countries at the bottom of the cliff – Columbians, Italians, Germans, Canadians etc. And they all were the most driven people I ever met. Individualistic and sharp, focused and attention loving, dominating and yet respectful and friendly. Some of them living like gypsies on the road. Letting go everything that weights them down. Just to be able to fly.

And though I will probably never do skydiving, jump cliffs or wear wingsuit, I have a lot to learn from these people. You feel so light when you learn to let go of things. Like you could kick off the ground and fly 🙂

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