Step by Step

I have done climbing before. Honestly, I did. I had to know what it feels like. Though I was always afraid of heights but I always try to laugh at my own fears. So, I would go climbing. But only as much as it was needed to do a job. Indoor climbing was always like a game for me. I guess just never pushed myself enough ? And those few times on the real rocks were pretty safe and harmless. So, this time when friends told me that we are going climbing, I thought: Ok. That can’t get too dangerous or scary. Let’s do it. Somehow I always allow my friends to talk me into things…


So, we put all our climbing gear on and went for a short hike to the mountain. The hike was an easy one. But then we approached the actual cliff that we were supposed to climb…The view wasn’t that comforting but I still thought – this I can do. So, I climbed. After an easy start, there was a very steep vertical section and of course, as a complete beginner, I used all the power I had in my arms to climb it. However, after that section, the other, even scarier followed. And my hands were gone. They just couldn’t hold anymore. It seemed that I had someone else’s fingers… That scared the shit out of me.

We haven’t climbed even the half of the wall and I had no power left. How will I go on? There’s certainly no way back right now, – I thought and then started to panic. Friend climbing right after me was helping me with my carabiners and even giving me a push if I needed it. After some time we stopped on the wider spot to let some other climbers pass because I was so slow. One woman of that group started to lecture us on our shoes straight away. Of course, our shoes were not professional climbing shoes! She started to talk about helicopters and accidents not covered by any insurance. This was the moment that made me laugh for the first time.

Don’t worry mam. We have no insurance, – I wanted to tell her. My friends were also amused. Both of them had enough experience to consider this track just a light warm up ? So all of us laughed. Somehow this exceedingly empathic woman made me laugh at my own fears. And this laugh took off the pressure and I could continue much more relaxed and less scared.



Last part of the track was 30 meters long line through the gap straight into the waterfall. It was supposed to be the scariest part, but once I made the first step, I even started to enjoy it. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t scary, but oh my! I loved this feeling – I knew that I will do it. Step by step by step.

I guess the same happens in the real life. Sometimes you are in deep shit. In the situations which are scary, disappointing and seems impossible to handle. But all it takes is support, confident push from your friends and the good laugh at my own fears. Suddenly everything becomes possible. Even fun. And in the end, makes you proud of yourself.

Pics by #mariusciut

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