BASE jumping adventure

I have been participating in that kind of adventures before. Only a few weeks before, my friend Marius jumped from the bridge. These adventures usually take me to the places and put me into the situations that I have never experienced before. And I enjoy this feeling a lot. Well, not a lot – that’s too mild. I live for the experiences like this. This BASE jumping adventure was also one of these experiences. 


Everything was different this time. No cheers. No nervous jokes. Nobody was smoking cigarettes. Everything went very quietly. Marius checked his equipment. Arranged GoPro. Kissed his girl for luck. And went to the metal platform. Climbed on the railings and jumped. The countdown was loud though. And the scream of joy and excitement when he jumped.

– Three, two, one! Let’s disturb the silence! – and he jumped.

I was standing on the edge of the dam trying not to miss the moment when he kicks off. That was the main purpose of me being a part of this BASE jumping adventure. Otherwise, I would not even approach the edge of that thing due to the height “inconvenience” I have 🙂 But when I am behind the lens, I forget about all the fears and inconveniences. My camera becomes like a shield from the rest of the world. Only the frame matters.

Watch the photo story and decide for yourself. In my humble opinion, people who go on BASE jumping adventures like this are heroes. Heroes of conquering your own fears, stepping over the limits and inspiring others.


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