BASE jumping by Aiste Ri

Aug 7 2018

BASE jumping adventure

I have been participating in that kind of adventures before. Only a few weeks before, my friend Marius jumped from the bridge. These adventures usually take me to the places and put me into the situations that I have never experienced before. And I enjoy this feeling a lot. Well, not a lot – that’s too…
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Skydive mission by Aiste Ri

Jul 19 2018


Skydiving mission on Wednesday? – when Marius says that, it is always worth your attention. When do we leave?, – I ask. I do not need to know anything more 🙂 We need to leave 4.15 in the morning. But there is one thing… Aha. I’m listening, – I already have a feeling how this…
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Jun 18 2018

Another first time – air balloon

Once I have counted, I have tried more than 25 extreme activities, such as aerobatic flight, skydiving, car racing, motocross, of course, kiting, surfing and many others. I am grateful that I had these opportunities. I am grateful because these experiences played the major part in who I am today. I am grateful because I…
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Jun 13 2018

Skydive weekend

I consider skydiving to be one of the most extreme sports ever. I mean, people get to fly doing this sport. How awesome is that?
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