Lecture in CIC Venture Cafe

So finally it happened. My presentation on how extreme sports can become an asset in the business world in CIC Venture Cafe Rotterdam.

CIC Rotterdam….From the first step I took in this place, it felt magic. I felt like I was back in my Alma Mater, where everyone was supportive of your growth. That is an amazing feeling which can inspire you for impressive achievements. People around you matter and my heart is full of appreciation for the support I’ve got at CIC.

I have been preparing and researching various kinds of psychological, scientific material, even tapped into neuroscience and neuroplasticity studies. It was really interesting time. I feel that my knowledge which I accumulated through 10 years in extreme sports and sports photography fields now makes sense. Through one month I have prepared the coaching program based on various extreme sports techniques, wrote an online guide on educated risk-taking, launched coaching website and of course gave the presentation. I don’t think I have ever been that productive in my life.

To be very honest, the presentation itself, the fact of public speaking put me through completely new levels of anxiety that I didn’t know even existed in my body. And as a person who knows how to master my fear in extreme sports, a person who teaches others how to do that, I feel a bit false. I should be the expert. I should not be so anxious. But it is not how it works. We will never be able to kill our emotions. We will always feel them inside. However, we can learn how to master them and turn into fuel and energy to reach for our goals. I used all techniques I am talking about in my presentation to calm myself down. I used every single exercise kiteboarding and other sports trained in me. And you know what? It worked. Though my hands were still a bit shaky and that day I was not the best company for those around me, I was able to give the presentation. Despite all the fears and insecurities the job was done pretty successfully, and I am actually proud of myself. Actually, now I can’t wait to do more of these presentations. I know it is kind of cocky to say that you are proud of yourself, however, I believe that girls and women should do that more often. Tell yourselves how awesome and fearless you are. Be proud of your achievements. Reach for more. Be fierce. Every day choose more and more challenging goals. Be your own champions!

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