Some say that feminism has already served its purpose. But I believe that there’s still a lot that has to be done. Especially with our self-confidence inside every girls heart.

Alone on the road

Sep 4 2018

Dating while traveling

Sorry for being so silent lately. I have been traveling geographically as well as psychologically. Been to Italy, Lake Garda, Vienna, Sopot, Vilnius, Kaunas and again back to Vienna and mountains. Not a big distance, but for my mind, it was quite a journey. Whatever I want it or not, I have a lot of…
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Reflections of a girl traveling alone by Aiste Ri

Jul 23 2018

Suddenly I Woke Up To A Fairytale

I had this plan to go into the mountains for some time already. Got this idea from Bilbo Beggins. Kidding. I have spent summers on the beach, in the amazing cities, driving through countries and even in the desert. Never spent a summer in the mountains though. So, I thought that summer in the mountains…
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Apr 29 2018

Lecture in CIC Venture Cafe

So finally it happened. My presentation on how extreme sports can become an asset in the business world in CIC Venture Cafe Rotterdam.
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Apr 23 2018

Don’t be beautiful

They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. Seriously? I’d say don’t be beautiful! Be angry. Be intelligent. Be witty. Be klutzy. Be interesting. Be funny. Be adventurous. Be crazy. Be talented – there is an eternity of things to be other than beautiful. And what is beautiful anyway but a…
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Apr 23 2018

Tired of Being Judged

2018 is a big date for women. It’s been 100 years when women got the right to vote. We have come a long way since then. Education, careers, even the possibilities to have children without needing a man. It is not for me to evaluate the moral value of it, but social changes are immense.…
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