Dating while traveling

Sorry for being so silent lately. I have been traveling geographically as well as psychologically. Been to Italy, Lake Garda, Vienna, Sopot, Vilnius, Kaunas and again back to Vienna and mountains. Not a big distance, but for my mind, it was quite a journey. Whatever I want it or not, I have a lot of time on my hands while traveling to think. And this time I was thinking about men. Dating while traveling is not easy. Yeah, I know – lame theme  ? but at this point in my life, I found myself strangely missing someone next to me or someone to be driving to… and…it takes a lot of courage to admit it for the loner like me. So please treat this confession gently ?

Anyway, in these three weeks I have met 8 guys who in one or the other way inspired me, admired me or I admired them, loved me, disappointed me or made me think.

Whoa, you say. 8 men in three weeks, not a bad result for dating while traveling. But by all means not with all of them I was connected to romantically. Some of them were just good friends, some of them I just met and we didn’t have any time at all to get to know each other and some of them…well let’s just say, I wouldn’t like to be connected in any way.

Do you agree with these 3 points?

However, all these different encounters showed me that
1. There’s always not enough of time. To get to know the person. Not enough time even to understand if I want to know the person more…

2. People who travel are so accustomed to the comfort of being alone that there is no space left for dating while traveling. I am not even talking about the grand romantic gestures. Or are we so disappointed in romance? If it never works out, why bother and even try? We all know that missing someone will pass eventually. We will be back to our lives and no matter how we were impressed by the certain person we met, it is too much of the hustle to try to see them again…

3. The third point was actually a shock to me because combined with two previous points, it makes everything almost impossible. I will eventually run away from the best guys in the world if they so much as at least try to lock me down. Big houses with white fences, expensive cars, glamorous social life or ring on the finger – things and gestures that impress women, doesn’t work on me. Been there, done that. Still chose the gypsy life…Even if there’s time and somehow the guy gets my full attention, not knowing how to impress leaves him very lost 😀 Funny but not funny.

I wonder if this any true to other traveling women?

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