Tired of Being Judged

2018 is a big date for women. It’s been 100 years when women got the right to vote. We have come a long way since then. Education, careers, even the possibilities to have children without needing a man. It is not for me to evaluate the moral value of it, but social changes are immense. Yet, not a day passes when as a woman, I feel that I am being judged on the decisions I make.

“You should not be a sports photographer, it’s a mans job”. “You should not travel, rather settle and have a family”. “Your time is running out, hurry up to catch a man”. “Stay silent, men are discussing business”. These are the things that cross my thoughts every day.

I was lucky in my life – I didn’t meet many males that would say these things to my face. Maybe that is why I never considered myself a feminist. However, these thoughts are my constant companions. And I am tired of them. I know, I am not the only one.

In this photo shoot, girls are still wearing fancy clothes but already are responding to the call of their hearts. In this case, it is the call of wind and waves. I wanted to honor these brave souls who, despite all the lingering fears, follow their dreams. Refute social norms and embrace the uncertainty.

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