Day dreaming

This morning I found myself sitting in the middle of Olympic windsurfing training camp. Among a lot of rigged windsurfing equipment. Morning wind was very light so everyone was relaxed and were preparing very slowly, smiling a lot. I thought to myself – I am right where I’m supposed to be and smiled. The place with such a good atmosphere deserves a very good photo reportage, which I promise 🙂

A trip down the memory lane brought me a week back to Egypt where I recently had an ideal day. I woke up and looked through the window. Water showed me that the wind is enough for my tiny kite. I slowly had my breakfast and coffee. Slow breakfast is one of the most important things for the good beginning of the day. I packed my things and drove to Elgouna. Even driving the car was bearable due to the wind. Usually, your legs used to stuck and bake on the seats and the wheel would feel like a hot potato. But today everything was right. Coming close to the kite center I already saw that water is full of small kites. I jumped to water immediately. Few hours on the water passed very quickly. Flatwater and a steady wind was a pure pleasure. Got out, had dinner and sat to do my work on the laptop. My work, though is not attached to certain office space, still has to be done. However, 10 years of freelance experience had proved that I am much more efficient working with the view to water and wind than in closed office 🙂 On my way back home I saw the desert sunset once more. I still consider it to be one of the most beautiful views in the entire planet. I poured some whiskey to myself and sat on the balcony with my book until it got dark. Some people were still kiteboarding and I got to watch those colorful kites in the sky.

Once one friend asked me, how I imagine my ideal day. I almost word to word described the day I just had. Yes, it was my ideal day. At least one of the versions of an ideal day. No fancy parties, expensive shopping or Ferrari driving (though I probably wouldn’t mind driving Ferrari). And what is your dream ideal day?

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