Jun 22 2018

Kiting the storms, tea, traveling alone and cute lifeguard

Today was a stormy day. The beach was very windy and completely empty. All the people were hiding from the wind. Huge dark cloud was coming straight right to me. I launched my kite and jumped into the waves. After few minutes rain started. Not that soft summer rain. No. The kind where the raindrops…
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May 22 2018

Day dreaming

This morning I found myself sitting in the middle of Olympic windsurfing training camp. Among a lot of rigged windsurfing equipment. Morning wind was very light so everyone was relaxed and were preparing very slowly, smiling a lot. I thought to myself – I am right where I’m supposed to be and smiled. The place…
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May 16 2018

About Egypt and kite camp shortly

I was never impressed by Egypt as a travel destination. Thus, when Marina and I decided to make a kite camp there at the beginning of May I thought of it as another assignment. I thought, “I’ll just do my job without expecting too much for myself”. However, Egypt positively surprised me from the first…
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