Kiting the storms, tea, traveling alone and cute lifeguard

Today was a stormy day. The beach was very windy and completely empty. All the people were hiding from the wind. Huge dark cloud was coming straight right to me. I launched my kite and jumped into the waves. After few minutes rain started. Not that soft summer rain. No. The kind where the raindrops cut your face and hurt your eyes. I had to get out of the water and wait for the rain to stop. After few minutes found myself swearing my fate and luck under some tree. Suddenly it was very cold.

“Fuck it!”, I thought. I’ll pack my kite, go home and just consider this a bad day. Never wanted a hot shower so much in my life…

I was already packing my kite when I heard soft “Good day”. A lifeguard was standing behind me and offering me some hot tea to warm up and to wait in a lifeguard tower while the rain stops. How could I say no?

After ten or twenty minutes the sun was out again, the wind was still blowing and the waves still looked very inviting. I said thank you to the lifeguard and ran back to my kite. The moment I stepped into the water, all the speakers at the beach started to play Deep purple “Smoke on the water”. I had all the stormy beach to myself. For me, it already creates the most unique feeling of freedom and power. Power over my own fears and doubts. AND now I had music. The best kind. I actually didn’t even know how to express my amazement and gratitude to the lifeguard 🙂 Such small things, human kindness, warm tea or good tune makes a huge difference.

Suddenly the “bad day” became the most awesome session.

This kind of moments is the biggest reward for a girl who travels alone. Suddenly all your fears become strengths. All your doubts turn into the belief that you are on the right path. And all the coincidences boost your self-confidence. I am really glad that despite all the rain behind the window I decided to go out for a kitesurfing session today.

And! Thank you, cute lifeguard, for the tea and music – that was truly the experience that I will remember 😀


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