About Egypt and kite camp shortly

I was never impressed by Egypt as a travel destination. Thus, when Marina and I decided to make a kite camp there at the beginning of May I thought of it as another assignment. I thought, “I’ll just do my job without expecting too much for myself”. However, Egypt positively surprised me from the first day. To be precise – El Gouna surprised me. It is a small closed settlement situated on the islands and capes. I was created especially for the travelers and rich locals. The place is full of fancy villas, hotels and various activities. To say the truth, activities were the most important thing that surprised me so much. My earlier experience suggested to me that it will be very hard to keep our students busy if there’s no wind. Yet El Gouna had everything taken care of. That is truly the ideal place for the camps. These days when we had light wind, we organized training in the wake park. Went to motocross trip to the desert mountains. For inexperienced riders like us, it left an unforgettable impression. I will not even start about go-carts, beach polo or desert rally matches, yacht trips to swim with the dolphins…

But let me get back to the camp for a bit. For those who are interested, it is a 6 days camp. Unlimited teaching in groups is included, as well as all the necessary equipment, photo, and video material. If there’s not enough wind, we organize other adventures, so it is never boring. If there’s an opportunity and the level of the students allow it, we organize downwinds.

Why is it better to go to the camp instead of just simply studying with the instructor? We are learning and improving our skills every day. Skills get fixed in your memory and next time you grab a kite, you do not need to relearn everything from the very beginning. We are learning in a group of people where you have the best chance to share experience and have a good time. Fellow students become best friends. Every day you are being filmed and photographed. Evening reviews of the material is the best way to quickly improve your skills. And of course, you don’t have to worry about anything. We take care of everything. For more info write directly to me.

Ok, I am done with advertisement 🙂 Few funny and not so much facts I want to share about Egypt:

  1. Driving….omg!!! I was shocked for the first few days 🙂 to turn right from the left lane is normal. Walk in the middle of the road – also not a big deal. Even more, they have this courtesy rule…In the night locals switch off the lights while overtaking you. Not to blind you… 😀 I learn every day. As an eternal optimist, I want to believe that expecting the unexpected in the road makes me a better driver 🙂
  2. Girls who want to travel to Egypt alone will need a strong emotional preparation. Here you have to keep a distance at all times. If you smile a bit longer, locals will take you for Natasha (female sex tourist). If you be rude, that will agitate locals even more…
  3. Prices. Do I even have to tell that the best steak I have ever tasted in my life, I bought here for 12 Eur?
  4. Kite spots. WOW. I have seen a lot of kite spots all around the world. They were “ok”, “suitable” even “perfect” for learning and improving kiteboarding skills. Here all the spots are perfect. Warm, shallow and pretty flat water, stable side on-shore wind…just go and improve 🙂


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