Month: September 2018

Here and now by Aiste Ri

Sep 24 2018

Living in the Alps

Yesterday was the last day of summer here on my mountain. And though in the Zillertal valley few upcoming days might still feel warm, up the mountain I already want gloves and furs. The forecast promises a bit of snow as well. But yesterday was still warm and sunny. This is what living in the…
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Sep 18 2018

Figure skating

It was not my usual assignment. Shot dance on the ice in the indoor arena…hm…challenge 🙂 However, now, when the assignment is done, I look through the pictures and see that I liked it a lot. Here’s for new challenges!
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Aiste Ri the traveller

Sep 10 2018

Through the space and time

I am a pretty logical person. I have never believed in traveling in time or as a matter of fact, through space. I was never was good at physics, but took few online courses about space and time, and stars in Harvard University and learned that humanity still has a lot to discover to be…
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Alone on the road

Sep 4 2018

Dating while traveling

Sorry for being so silent lately. I have been traveling geographically as well as psychologically. Been to Italy, Lake Garda, Vienna, Sopot, Vilnius, Kaunas and again back to Vienna and mountains. Not a big distance, but for my mind, it was quite a journey. Whatever I want it or not, I have a lot of…
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