Month: June 2018

Jun 22 2018

Kiting the storms, tea, traveling alone and cute lifeguard

Today was a stormy day. The beach was very windy and completely empty. All the people were hiding from the wind. Huge dark cloud was coming straight right to me. I launched my kite and jumped into the waves. After few minutes rain started. Not that soft summer rain. No. The kind where the raindrops…
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Jun 18 2018

Another first time – air balloon

Once I have counted, I have tried more than 25 extreme activities, such as aerobatic flight, skydiving, car racing, motocross, of course, kiting, surfing and many others. I am grateful that I had these opportunities. I am grateful because these experiences played the major part in who I am today. I am grateful because I…
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Jun 13 2018

Skydive weekend

I consider skydiving to be one of the most extreme sports ever. I mean, people get to fly doing this sport. How awesome is that?
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Jun 10 2018

Saying goodbye. Can we ever get used to it?

Traveling is the best thing that ever happened to me. The world is a big and beautiful place. I could have never imagined how much I will learn about the world and more importantly, about myself while traveling. It made me who I am and it always encourages me to be better. However, everything has…
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Jun 7 2018

Olympic day

When you dare to dream, your dreams tend to come true. Before coming back to my home country Lithuania, I wrote a post that I miss working in sports events. I did know that I will be invited to work in one of the biggest sports events – Olympic day.
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