Month: July 2018

First time climbing

Jul 30 2018

Step by Step

I have done climbing before. Honestly, I did. I had to know what it feels like. Though I was always afraid of heights but I always try to laugh at my own fears. So, I would go climbing. But only as much as it was needed to do a job. Indoor climbing was always like…
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Reflections of a girl traveling alone by Aiste Ri

Jul 23 2018

Suddenly I Woke Up To A Fairytale

I had this plan to go into the mountains for some time already. Got this idea from Bilbo Beggins. Kidding. I have spent summers on the beach, in the amazing cities, driving through countries and even in the desert. Never spent a summer in the mountains though. So, I thought that summer in the mountains…
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Skydive mission by Aiste Ri

Jul 19 2018


Skydiving mission on Wednesday? – when Marius says that, it is always worth your attention. When do we leave?, – I ask. I do not need to know anything more 🙂 We need to leave 4.15 in the morning. But there is one thing… Aha. I’m listening, – I already have a feeling how this…
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Self portrait in Vienna by Aiste Ri

Jul 15 2018

Vienna love

As a person who is so much in love with Vienna as I am, I thought that I never take the camera with me. I always try to feel the city as much as possible without being on the other side of the lens. I know it is a strange notion for the photographer, but…
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Jul 12 2018

At home spot

Found some pictures I have made a few weeks ago while I was still back home. Next to the Baltic sea. After so many beaches I have seen, so many places I have been, it is still one of the most amazing places. If I am a long time away from the Baltic sea, I…
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Beautiful elderly lady by Aiste Ri

Jul 6 2018

Can’t wait to get old

Let’s think for a minute about the old age. Yes yes, I know that it is the most dreadful thing for our generation. All the cosmetics, plastic surgeries etc were created and are heavily used to prevent old age from visiting. Still, it is the only thing that is certain for every single one of…
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