Month: August 2018

Base jump by Aiste Ri

Aug 17 2018

If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down

Lately, I found myself falling in love with the people who are attempting flight. Skydiving, base jumping, wingsuits, and parachutes. When I first saw a video of a man in a wingsuit flying over the mountains and almost touching the tree peaks, I instantly understood that this is the closest people will get to flying. That…
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Trust is drinking from one spring by Aiste Ri

Aug 10 2018


Who do you trust when you travel? Who do you trust in general? Is there such a thing as complete trust?
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BASE jumping by Aiste Ri

Aug 7 2018

BASE jumping adventure

I have been participating in that kind of adventures before. Only a few weeks before, my friend Marius jumped from the bridge. These adventures usually take me to the places and put me into the situations that I have never experienced before. And I enjoy this feeling a lot. Well, not a lot – that’s too…
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